Treyarch Enforcement in Full Swing

25 Nov


Hey Black Ops Community –

Treyarch is committed to providing all gamers with the best online experience possible, and that means maintaining the game’s integrity. We have a zero tolerance policy against exploitation, and this is to protect the many gamers who go online to compete and have legitimate fun. Below is a brief outline of our security and enforcement policy which will remain posted and will get updated here.

The team at Treyarch has worked very hard to create a fun, competitive online environment, and we want to keep this environment clean so that the game can be played as it was intended. Users who abuse the game through modding, boosting, glitching or making offensive emblems degrade the online experience for others, and we will take action to prevent this from happening.

Keep it clean. Play nice. Have fun.

– Team Treyarch


Users who have modified their hardware and have run hacked script or code. This includes modifying profile data to use illegal characters in a player’s name.

• Instant permaban. You will no longer be allowed to play the game online, and you will be reported to the console manufacturers.

Users who organize to exploit the game for the explicit purpose of ranking up very quickly or to appear in a high position on the leaderboards.

• Minor offense: Temp ban, complete stats reset, leaderboard entries removed once
• Major offense: Temp ban, complete stats reset, permanent ban from appearing on the leaderboards
• Extreme or repeat offenses: Permaban from playing the game online

    Users who go out of their way to exploit the game to grief other players. An example would be going outside of the map’s clearly defined playable boundary.

    • Minor offense: Temp ban from playing the game online

      • Major offense: Extended temp ban from playing the game online

        • Extreme or repeat offenses: Permaban from playing the game online

          Offensive emblem makers
          Users who create emblems that are sexually gratuitous or racially offensive.

          • Minor offense: 2-week ban from using the emblem editor, emblem reset to default, emblem purchases wiped

          • Major offense: Permanent ban from using the emblem editor


          In short, keep you emblem clean and play fair. It’s that simple. No matter how much you argue that you should be able to  have that Hitler looking figure with a swastika on his forehead for an emblem, you just won’t win. I’m sure you can think up a more appropriate emblem that you like even more.

          As for you boosters and glitchers, get a life. You need to cheat at a freakin video game? You are a sad group of people that I almost feel sorry for.


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          4 responses to “Treyarch Enforcement in Full Swing

          1. Sean

            November 25, 2010 at 1:50 am

            Almost is the key word

          2. Andrew Fahner

            April 7, 2011 at 6:44 pm

            Treyarchs insistence on banning paying customers from fully using their account is stupid. This game has a MATURE rating on it, 18+ ladyboys. It’s not Treyarchs responsibility to babysit the online community, keeping the game running smoothly should be their main concern, but I guess they already have my money, so allow me to bend over and grab my ankles for all ya uptight ninnies out there.

            offensive emblem my asshole.
            Grow up, and stop buying your children MATURE rated games.

          3. kevin

            May 17, 2011 at 7:10 am

            please get rid of the LAG issues,1 bar ,2 bar , 3 bar jumping all over the place, lag switches or lagging the game on purpose thats what is holding blackops back. I love your game but hate hate hate your engine.

            • bowski477

              May 17, 2011 at 11:41 am

              You know there’s nothing I personally can do right? Id post on the official COD forums if you want help with these issues. I don’t work for Activision


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