Gears 3 is Getting a Beta!

07 Oct

Praise to the gaming Gods!!

Via the Official Gears Website

You read that right—a multiplayer beta is in the works for Gears 3, giving you and scores of other Gearheads an opportunity to test-drive 2011’s biggest game before release. “What modes will the beta include?” you bellow, shaking your fist at the sky. “What new weapons will I employ in my tyrannical march toward competitive online domination?” Easy, friends! All will be revealed in due time. Sit back, speculate with your fellow fans on the official Gears forums, and keep your eyes on for more details.

Just another thing that will make this Gears the best in the series (in my opinion of course). After some EPIC (pun intended) fails with the Gears 2 MP, Gears 3 will be getting a public beta next year. On top of that news Gears 3 will also have dedicated servers and host migration.

A beta, dedicated servers, AND host migration! It’s like a gaming dream come true. I’m still a little irked about the release date move but these new additions will be worth the wait.

So here’s some MP footage to get you excited. You might be interested in the new color choice for your lancer.


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