So let’s talk about Wager Matches

04 Sep

I have decided that these matches will be my favorite part of Black Ops. Not only are they a great new addition to the same old game modes but they are freakin fun as hell. Here’s the low down if you have no idea what I’m talking about…


So the different wager matches are as follows…

One in the Chamber
Sticks and Stones
Gun Game

I know that not everyone is into free-for-all matches but these are not your average FFA games. These matches are designed to keep the tension and the spirit of competition high.

In these game modes you’re COD points (the new in game currency that allows you to buy weapons, attachments, camos, etc.)  will be placed on the line. Come out on top and you could be buying a sweet new camo or gun. Get anything besides 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place you get nothing and loose some of your COD points.

So come November, you may develop a little gambling problem because these matches are addicting.

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