Summer of Arcade: Hydro Thunder Hurricane

30 Jul

Xbox LIVE Arcade’s second game in this Summer of Arcade series is Hydro Thunder Hurricane. An arcade style speed boat racing game designed as a sequel to Hydro Thunder which you might remember from your original PS/N64/dreamcast days.

Hydro Thunder

Now I’m not a huge fan of driving/racing games but I was really drawn to the graphics and the colors in this game. Like most racing games you race on tracks to earn credits to unlock new tracks and boats. There’s also a multiplayer mode. You can choose to race your friends in split screen or race over Xbox LIVE.

After being blown away by LIVE’s first game this summer, LIMBO, Hydro Thunder Hurricane left me a little disappointed. It’s a nothing special speed boat racing game. So if you are not into racing games I wouldn’t bother. If you played the original and want a game that is pretty much the same besides the upgraded graphics, go for it.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

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