Kinect Price?

22 Jun


Microsoft has not officially announced the price of its forthcoming motion-control device known as Kinect, but according to their own store it’s likely to run $150.

So it may not be official but it’s looking like gamers will be shelling out big bucks for Kinect. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am a little bit. As cool as Kinect looks (to me at least) the hardcore gamers are just not interested. Hardcore gamers are a staple for the Xbox 360. A price like that will push any thoughts of buying it right out the window.

As for new buyers to the 360 it might prove too expensive for a console, Kinect, and games. Unless they have an amazing bundle around Christmas time. Personally, I would have rather seen the price closer to the $100 mark but I’m still going to buy it.

So MS you’re not fooling anyone. We all expect that to be the actual price. So just get it over with and make it official so you can be bombarded with complaints from people who will buy it anyway.

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