14 Jun

So last night the name Project Natal was put to rest and Kinect for Xbox 360 was born. They also gave us a few game titles for the peripheral but let talk about the name first.

No barriers.
No boundaries.
No gadgets.
No gizmos.
No learning curves.

You Kinect, you are the controller.

A little cheesy if you ask me. Project Natal sounded a little cooler. But that’s a minor thought.
As for the the games that were revealed…


You can play with virtual animals. Lol cat Kinect!

A racing game where players steer with their hands.

Kinect Sports
Boxing, bowling, beach vollyball, track and field, soccer and table tennis.

Kinect Adventures
River rafting with friends.

Dance Central
A dancing version of So You Think You Can Dance.

Star Wars also seems to have a game coming to Kinect. No surprise there as motion control and lightsabers seem to go hand in hand.

Personally I don’t think the the new name of the games that were announced were super impressive. Yes, I’m going to but Natal/Kinect but there are many out there that are not. And I don’t blame them. Hardcore gamers on Xbox 360 are not going to but it. If they wanted/cared about motion control they would have bought a Wii.

On the other hand Kinect opens up a new market for Microsoft. A console that is “fun for the whole family.”I don’t blame Microsoft for wanting to get in on that market. With the money the Wii brought in, motion control was the next logical step for their console.

As usual we shall see how well it does in the Fall when Kinect hits the stores.

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