Countdown to E3: Fable III

08 Jun

Fable II was another one of those games that took over my life for awhile. Hours were spent just hammering away as a blacksmith and other mindless tasks. A while back the next installment of Fable was announced. With E3 coming up I can’t wait to see what Lionhead brings to the table.

As usual there are rumors floating around for this game and hopefully E3 will clear a few up. First being the use of Project Natal. This is actually less of a rumor as it was pretty much confirmed by the creator. But how exactly will Natal be used in this game is the big question.

I’m also interested in seeing if they give any information about MP. As we all know (if you played it) Fable II’s MP was pretty lack luster. You could join other player’s games but not as your own character. And don’t even get me started about the camera views. Hopefully they have made improvements for this next game.

So again I say, bring on E3!

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