Bang Bang Shoot ’em up!

27 May

Sat down with a little Red Dead Redemption MP these past few days. Like the single player, I was totally hooked immediately. Spent some time in Free Roam just riding my mule (which i thought was hilarious the first time I whistled) finding other players to shoot down.

Being so used to FPS type MP it took some getting used to when I got into a real match. With like most MP you earn XP by killing other players or capturing objectives. XP will rank you up and get you off of that embarrassing mule you’ve been riding. Unlock new mounts, charaters, and titles by playing in matches and completing challenges.

A huge thing that win’s me over with this entire game in general is stat tracking!! Want to know how many people you’ve killed are how many animals you’ve skinned? Hit up the Social Club online to see your stats and MP leaderboards.

So peeps grab your posse and cowboy up in awesome RDR MP!

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