Reaching for it!

06 May

Thanks to my twitter buddy @KAIZER_SOSA (and lady luck) I was able to come across a Halo Reach Beta code. My thoughts after my first round, “Holy crap this game is going to be hard to wait for!” For those of you out there who think this is just another “same old Halo,” think again. Yes, it does give you the same look and feel of the previous Halo 3 but it also gives you much more.

First lets talk about loadouts. OMG jet packs!!!! Yes players you have the option to choose a loadout that contains a jet pack. But choose you loadout wisely my children. Sometimes the map you’re playing on, just is not best suited for the jet pack.

Personally I’ve gotten into using the sprint ability loadout. All those hours playing Halo 3 wondering why this ability just wasn’t there. Halo Reach has satisfied my craving for sprinting. If I need to get out of a bad situation fast, just a click of the bumper and I’m off. Love it!

So how bout those new gamemodes? Well not all of them are available just yet, but be patient. You of course have the usual slayer and team slayer modes but there are also some new objective game types. I took part in quite a few “Stockpile” games yesterday. Basically all you do is grab as many flags as you can and guard them until they are collected. Ten flags wins the match. Flags are collected every 60 seconds and must be in your teams circle to be counted.

This mode has potential. As long as players focus on the objective and use teamwork. As for most objective games I recommend playing with some friends who will actually help you work towards the goal.

Tomorrow May 7 Invasion will be released for the beta. So expect more from me on that. So peeps, any thoughts on your beta experience so far?

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