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Stay out of my games 3D

I know I’ve touched on this subject before but it really does touch a nerve with me. There are countless reasons why 3D needs to stay out of video games. The first being that 3D itself is a novelty! It does not enhance game play or movies, it’s just another tagline on your advertisement. Popular movies like Avatar and Clash of the Titans made it to number one at the box office partially because you could see it in 3D. 3D sells. Period. End of story.

Next on my list of “I think 3D should stay out of gaming” is cheesy 3D effects. This goes side by side with “does not enhance gameplay”. If I’m going to spend $60 on a game, I want it to “wow” me. I don’t want lame action scenes created only to have things flying at you in 3D. That’s amusing for about five seconds to a 10 year old. I fear the 3D will only bring about said lame actions scenes and crappy games will be on the rise.

And what about the price of those special shutter 3D glasses . These are not the cheap kind you toss after the movie. These bad boys are well up over $100 depending on the brand. Not the kind of money I have laying around for a pair of uncomfortable glasses that I’ll want to rip of my face after 30 minutes.

So 3D gaming supporters my challenge to you is to convince me. Why should I be looking forward to the day 3D gaming invades my experience?


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Xbox Live TV?

According to unnamed sources “with knowledge of the proposal,” Chernin would like to create a station featuring original programming and re-runs aimed at the demographic of young men who like games. The programming would be funded by a fee tacked onto Live’s service. Perhaps interested gamers would pay an extra dollar or two a month for access to the private channel. (via

With movies and whole TV series being offered in the Zune marketplace and on Netflix I suppose a TV channel would be the next logical step. But the closed minded idea of focusing on the “young men who like games” is ridiculous. Female and adult gamers are on the rise and catering to only one demographic will not help your sales.

How about shows that cater to gamers in general? Giving us shows that you might find on G4 such as Attack of the Show or Xplay. Or creating new shows that focus on tips and tricks of the new games out there.

If you plan to make a TV channel at least put some effort into it. I’m not going to pay for re-run shows I can find anywhere for free. Give us(all gamers) something that’s worth the extra buck on Live.

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Play on!

Want to get videos from Hulu and YouTube right on your console? Play On is the way to do it. Install some software to your computer and you are ready to stream videos right to your 360, PS3, or Wii!

I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial but this download is worth the money if you hate watching Hulu with strained eyes at the computer screen. For twenty bucks (if you use the code LIFETIME before the end of the month) you get the download with unlimited access to all of your favorite video sites.

So check it out. They have a FREE trial!


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Games on Demand=Future of Gaming?

It certainly wouldn’t surprise me in the least, but how soon will it be before those bright green cases become a thing of the past?

With the release of Games on Demand last year Microsoft took the first steps into what could be the future medium of game distribution. With releasing popular original Xbox titles and Xbox 360 Platinum Hits Microsoft can tread the waters of how popular downloading games is.

But could this really be the norm for releasing games in the future? I’d have to say no, at least in the case of this generation of consoles. It will continue to be an alternative to going out an buying the old classics but could never take the place of buying the actual disk when it comes to new releases.

For one thing, there simply isn’t enough storage space. Even with the release of the 250gb hard drive, storing a library of games and movies will eat up that space in no time. And should they create an even larger hard drive, the price would soar past the tag of an Xbox 360 Arcade.

Games on Demand may become the norm, but I don’t see it anytime soon.

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