Xbox Live TV?

24 Apr

According to unnamed sources “with knowledge of the proposal,” Chernin would like to create a station featuring original programming and re-runs aimed at the demographic of young men who like games. The programming would be funded by a fee tacked onto Live’s service. Perhaps interested gamers would pay an extra dollar or two a month for access to the private channel. (via

With movies and whole TV series being offered in the Zune marketplace and on Netflix I suppose a TV channel would be the next logical step. But the closed minded idea of focusing on the “young men who like games” is ridiculous. Female and adult gamers are on the rise and catering to only one demographic will not help your sales.

How about shows that cater to gamers in general? Giving us shows that you might find on G4 such as Attack of the Show or Xplay. Or creating new shows that focus on tips and tricks of the new games out there.

If you plan to make a TV channel at least put some effort into it. I’m not going to pay for re-run shows I can find anywhere for free. Give us(all gamers) something that’s worth the extra buck on Live.

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