19 Apr

Running out of ideas are we Nintendo? The DSi XL brings the player a larger screen and supposedly a longer battery life. Anything else? Oh yea, it cost about $20 more than a regular DSi. That’s it. No flashy new hardware or cool new add ons. Just the same DSi with a bigger screen.

For someone who does not already own a DS or a DSi I might say sure go for the DSi XL. But for most of the Nintendo handheld enthusiasts out there, spending almost $190 on something that you really already have is ridiculous. Couldn’t all that time, money, and man power be put into something better? Shouldn’t they be more concerned about the Wii sales dropping rather than the size of the DSi screen?

On the bright side, you will now be able to play Mario Kart with Grandma as she will now be able to see whats on the screen.

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Posted by on April 19, 2010 in nintendo ds


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