Gears of War 3!!

16 Apr

It’s official Gears fans, April 5th 2011 will bring us the final installment of Gears of War. It may be a year away but this is still some freaking big news. I mean who doesn’t love jacked up muscly men running around with guns that have chainsaws on the end!?


I must say the most exciting thing in that trailer is that there’s a woman in it! Holy crap finally we get to see some females out there on the COG battlefield. Hopefully she is a playable character for multiplayer as I look forward to setting her as my default character.

Also seen in the video we seen the introduction of a new weapon which has be revealed as the Pendulum Wars Lancer. A gun similar to the regular lancer but in place of the chainsaw there is a bayonet.

What you most excited for?

It’s going to be a longgggg year of waiting. So begin the countdown!

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