Nukes. Not a fan

05 Apr

Most recently while playing MW2 I’ve found myself getting nuked quite frequently. It’s the first time in months that I’ve had a gripe about this. It’s like the nuke wasn’t cool for a while and now it’s back. Being the fan of Domination that I am, I get pretty angry when a nuke ends the game with plenty of time/kills to spare.

Now I’m a big supporter of having the nuke killstreak removed all together. But since that will never happen, how about nuking smarter? First of all I would like to mention that the nuke is a vanity killstreak. There to make you feel cool and get callsigns that show everyone how cool you are. I am not impressed. All you really did was get 7 kills, sent in your harrier, then your chopper gunner, and you were all set for your nuke.

Now as for using that nuke. I couldn’t be more angry when a game ends halfway through do to a nuke. Regardless of whether my team was losing, there was still half a game left to get kills and XP points. I’m sure it’s exciting once you have that nuke stored and ready to be unleashed. But why not hang on to it for a bit. Let the game play out, and let the other team think they have the win in the bag. I would think that a tactic like that would be more satisfying plus you can rack in some more kills before nuking.

Anyway, the point of the matter is that nukes can run a perfectly good game if activated too early. No one will congratulate you or want to send you a friend request after a quick nuke game. In fact you’ll find the people will be quick to leave your lobby. Think before you nuke.


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