Points Generator=SCAM

03 Apr

Ok people, you should know by this point in your life that nothing is free and “money don’t grow on trees”. Well the same goes for Microsoft Points. This past week I’ve had an influx of Xbox Live messages with a website posing as a MS points generator. NEWS FLASH: IT’S A SCAM!

While MS points are virtual currency, it is always represented and must be paid for by “real” currency. Meaning if MS points generators were real, it would be the equivalent of printing counterfeit money.  Websites that advertise inviting X number of people to double or triple your MS points are attempting to suck you in at get at your personal information.

Promises of hundreds of free MS points is bait to get you to spill your info and drain what points you do have. Or worse get your entire account, achievements and all, banned or suspended.

So the next time you get a points generator message, hit the delete button and clue that friend in. There’s no such thing as free MS points.


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Posted by on April 3, 2010 in Xbox


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