Some things never change

22 Mar

Since 1996 Pokemon has been a staple for Game Boys everywhere. That being said, you would think that there would be a few more changes in the gameplay since then. Yes and no.

While I would never want the basic premises of battling, catching, and winning badges to be changed. There are a few things that would make pokemon trainers lives easier.

My first issue that I’ve had since the days of Red and Blue is the fact that each pokemon has only four moves. This doesn’t become a problem until you want to give you pokemon an HM such as CUT, SURF, or FLY. Moves that can be used outside of battle and are essential in helping you complete the game. With each pokemon limited to four moves, it can be tough to decide who gets the HM and which move you decide to forget to make room for it. My solution, an HM slot for each pokemon. A slot that can only be held by an HM and does not interfere with the other moves that pokemon has.

Another thing that never seems to change is the Safari Zone. What a primitive way to catch pokemon! Throw some bait or mud (rock in older versions), throw your safari ball, and hope for the best. Sure its a challenge but is there no better way to catch pokemon in the Safari Zone? I’m guessing not since the only change has been from throwing a rock to throwing mud.

Oh Pokemon how I will always love you but I think you could be so much better in the future.

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One response to “Some things never change

  1. cubsfan7

    March 24, 2010 at 11:18 am

    That’s why all I do is have one (or two if you need that) pokemon learn a bunch of HM’s (one of my Gyarados knows Surf, cut, strength and whirlpook). Sure it’s like you only have 4 or 5 pokemon when you battle (although once you get to a gym battle, you can swap out the HM pokemon), but it’s better than having to replace a move you like with a weak HM. But you are right, it would be better if they didn’t interfere.



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