PMS Tigerlily checking in!

21 Mar

I am here to introduce myself to the world! My name is Brittany, and I am inching my way into the gaming industry and community inch by inch. I have always been some what of a nerd. From my huge crush on Han Solo, to attending San Diego Comic Con annually, I don’t mind wearing that title. I love my precious puppy, and family dearly. I am into the arts and I love the sunny San Diego weather.

I’m also know as PMS Tigerlily. I am an active member of one of the largest communities for woman in gaming. I play in the North American Division for Modern Warfare 2. Let me just say, this was my first, FPS ever. I didn’t even take it seriously when I first picked it up. Then I found out about this community for woman in gaming, and I love them to death. I grew quickly tired of the public games nasty banter towards girls, as I am sure most of the women who play video games on live servers know how this goes.

My purpose to write here on Aesthetically Pleezin, will be to share my knowledge as well as new and upcoming things for us woman (and men!) that are in the tech and gaming industry. There is so much share and I hope you enjoy what I write about.

-Tiger, out!

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