One Week till PAX East!

19 Mar

The countdown to PAX East continues. One week until I can totally geek out for an entire weekend. It’s time to touch on a few things that I am most looking forward to at this, my very first video game convention.

“Traversing the Twitterverse, and Beyond!”- A panel of some of my favorite tweeps, @majornelson, @fourzerotwo, and @XboxSupport giving gamers the low down about responding to the gaming community via social outlets such as twitter, facebook, and the forums.

“Girls and Games: The Growing Role of Women in the Game Industry”- Need I say more? The amount of women gamers out there is on the rise. Does this effect the future of gaming? What can we do to get more women into gaming?

“The Death of Print”- Being an English major and hoping to one day see my name in print, this I want to hear. I am aware that the internet is the future but I’m interested to hear what some gaming magazine editors see as the next step for their information outlet.

“So You Want to Get into the Game Industry?”- Why yes, yes I do thanks. With graduation coming up in May, this will be the perfect place to check out my options for post-grad gaming related jobs.

and of course…

“X-Play LIVE: A Show on Television”- Who doesn’t want to jump and down like an idiot just to try and get on TV? (Be on the look out for some insane girl jumping up and down waving her arms. That’s me! :P)

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