Under Lock and Key

17 Mar

Like most online outlets Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network are just another place that hackers can seal your personal information. Yes, online gaming is supposed to be fun but there are some things you need to think about to keep it that way.

One of the simplest ways to prevent hacking is to create a good password. A good rule of thumb is to create one with at least 6 characters and use both numbers and capital letters. With that I must stress the obvious fact that you should not give your password out to ANYONE!

No one from Microsoft will ever ask for your password. If you receive a message from someone stating that they are an agent from Microsoft and they need your Live ID and password, do not respond. File a complaint and block communications. They are posing only to get you to spill you’re information.

Most importantly, if you are a parent, you need keep an eye on what your children are doing if they play online games. It would also be smart to explain to them that just like real life they should not talk to strangers or give out any information to them. Children are most vulnerable to these online predators.

Online gaming is meant to be fun for everyone. Keep it that way by protecting yourself.

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