MW2 Map Pack 1

10 Mar

As of yesterday Infinity Ward released this web page… Click me!

Those of us who are intelligent enough understood this as the official date announcement for Modern Warfare 2 ‘s new map pack.You may also notice that it only lists a date for the Xbox Live release. Back before the game was even released it was announced that Xbox would get the first map pack exclusivly for one month before the PS3. Therefore it is a possibility that the PS3 will have the maps somewhere around the end of April.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as excited as everyone else about the new maps. But shouldn’t a few more important things be fixed before DLC is released? Instead of creating new maps IW should have created an all inclusive patch that fixes some of the things the previous one missed.

IW should be working to fix their game not add to the chaos. How many glitches will come with this map pack? Hopefully IW didn’t rush the release of this DLC in the hopes of silencing the angry gamers. Any glitches with this pack will send players into an absolute uproar.

All I can say is that I and many other COD fans expected more from IW. Hiding in your office and turning off everything to hide from the consumers is useless. We will find you. Fix your game!

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