Good thoughts for Bad Company 2

09 Mar

It has been one week since the release of EA’s Battlefield Bad Company 2. I have finished the single player campaign and gotten a few multiplayer games under my belt. In all honesty this game is great but not great enough to surpass the behemoth that is Modern Warfare 2.

The single player storyline was full of action and even had a few good laughs. The bond that connected the four characters sucked me into everything they said and did. If I can bond with a video game character and want to see where their story takes me, the game is worth every penny I spent on it.

As for the MP, I’m still getting the hang of it. I must tone down my fast paced “run and gun” tactics of Call of Duty. My favorite thing about the BFBC2 MP is that it is just straight up game play action. No glitchers, hackers, or boosters. Just team on team competing for a win. Never mind the all the killstreaks that just take the focus away from the actual objective.

It’s nice to have something different in my game collection but I see myself going back to MW2 soon. As much as I love the simple game play of BFBC2, I miss the speed of MW2. “Run and Gun” is what I do best. In Battlefield, I feel myself sitting back a little more. Maybe I just need more practice, or just a better squad. I’m not giving up on this MP just yet.

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