Absolute Destruction

04 Mar

Battlefield Bad Company 2 gives us the return of “Destruction 2.0”. This system allows for the destruction of objects and buildings within the game environment. I don’t just mean smashing a window or a door. I mean taking out whole walls or even an entire building.

It makes for a more realistic gaming experience. One minute you could be safe peeking through a window of a two story building. Next thing you know, an RPG is heading right for you. Boom! No more cover and you’re down to a single story house.

See an enemy ducking behind some wooden crates? A round from a machine gun will take that and your enemy out. Don’t forget that this tactic works both ways, so don’t get caught covering behind flimsy cover.

Use destruction to your own advantage and have fun doing it!

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Posted by on March 4, 2010 in Battlefield, Xbox


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