Where is your mother young man!?

03 Mar

Probably one of the most irritating things you can come across while playing any M rated game is screaming underage children. What irks me more is the fact that they are most likely some 10 year old playing a 17+ rated game! Where are the parents?!

Well since the kid would not have been able to buy the game by himself, the parent or some other adult in their life bought it for them. The question is, does that adult know what they’re even buying? Do they know that those little letters called ratings are there for a reason?

If you are a parent buying your child an M rated game you need to do more than plop the kid down in front of the TV and walk away. You need to become an active part in this hobby your child has/that you are funding. Parental controls exist on the console for a reason. Use them!

Just like real life, parents need to watch who the children are playing with. Do you really want your kid to be hanging out with some random 40 year old guy? Limit their voice communication to Friends Only and explain to them how dangerous giving out any personal information is.

Video game consoles like Xbox 360 and PS3 are not babysitting devices. Just like on the internet, kids need to learn about the bad stuff that is out there. Include yourself in your child’s gaming life and try to have fun doing it.

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