Bioshock 2 MP

16 Feb

When I first heard that Bioshock 2 would be getting a multiplayer mode my heart dropped. Why would they ever do something like this to a game that had so much success with its story alone the first time around? I thought about all the wasted time that would go into this MP that could potentially ruin the single player mode.

I put my fears to rest last week. After getting a good chunk of the single player under my belt my boyfriend and I took a stab at the MP. This mode has a story of its own, taking place during the Rapture Civil War just before the events of the original Bioshock.

Some of the maps will give you the warm fuzzy feeling of familiarity as they were taken from the original game. You are able to carry two guns and two plasmids. As you gain experience and level up you will gain new weapons, plasmids, and tonics.

The game modes range from deathmatch types to objective types. I especially enjoy “Capture the Little Sister”. One team must capture the little sister and get her to the designated vent. The other team must protect the little sister from the offending team.

In these game modes one player will either start as a Big Daddy or the Big Daddy suit will appear at random during the game. I liked this aspect. Placing the suit at random gives everyone a fair shot.

Overall my one complaint about the Bioshock 2 MP was how long it took to get into a game. I expected it to be a little hard to find a game but not that bad. As for actual game play, I enjoyed myself. It’s not Call of Duty caliber MP but it’s not a complete flop. For those who never want Bioshock to end, it’s a fun little extra to keep you playing.

For those out there who were looking for something amazing out of this MP, keep dreaming. The Bioshock fans exist because the first story captivated us and had us thinking about it long after we finished. The Bioshock series is a strong story based game and thankfully it remained that way for the sequel.

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