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Killstreaks Killing MW2?

mw2 killstreaks

Gone are the days of 3 fixed killstreak rewards in Call of Duty. Modern Warfare was the dawn of a new era when it comes to killstreaks but is it all good for the game and it’s players?

Well the answer to that would depend on who you are asking. One group that you might find a little angry, especially when it comes to the 25 kill tactical nuke reward, are gamers that play objective based games. This includes games like Sabotage, Domination, and Demolition. Games that there is objective besides getting the most kills to win. Many gamers are finding people going for the kills and ignoring the objectives in these games types just to rack up a killstreak.

The 25 kills it takes to get a tactical nuke is not all that hard to achieve if you know when other kill streaks to place ahead of it. This nuke will end the game and reward your team with a win regardless of the score. Doesn’t sound all that fair to those who are looking for a game type with an objective above just killing everyone in sight.

You might find yourself in a game full of campers sitting and waiting to blow your face clean off. These campers will ignore the objective leaving you, the only moving soldier, to get the job done. My advice, make it through the game (which will most likely end in a nuke) and find a new lobby. As annoying as it is, there is nothing more you can do. If those players have fun doing that, then leave them to it and find your own idea of fun. Because in the end, that’s why we bought the game in the first place.

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