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Xbox for Xmas

What do you get the gamer in your life for Christmas?

Well what kind of gamer are they? What kind of games do they like? How much do you want to spend? You must keep all of these things in mind when shopping for a gamer.

Christmas is the best time to buy a console as many will come in bundles that include games. This years Xbox 360 holiday bundle includes the Xbox 360 Elite , Lego Batman, and Pure for $299.99. They may not be the two games you want but you can always sell them on eBay or trade them in at GameStop.

As for games, that might be a little tricky. If you really don’t know what your gamer is into check out his/her collection and do a little research. Talk to someone at a local gaming store. They are the experts and would be more the happy to give you their take. No time to do that? A gift card to GameStop or Best Buy will be just fine and you can avoid the stress.

For the big spenders out there, a flat screen TV or speakers would be a big hit. Your gamer will love you forever as they ignore you and glue themselves to the high definition greatness.

Whatever you do end up doing make sure you save your receipt or get a gift receipt. It will save everyone a lot of time and frustration if something breaks of if you get the wrong thing.

Happy Shopping!


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