Have a Happy Gaming Holiday

21 Dec

xbox xmasChristmas is fast approaching people. Only a few shopping days left before the big day. But as we all know Xmas is bigger than the presents we give or the money we spend. Its about spending time with your family.

So my speach to gamers today is…

Try not to spend the entire day playing your new games. It’s a tough request for me to make but just give it a try. You have alllll Christmas vacation to play until your vision blurs. On Christmas try to keep the playing to a minimum and hang out with your family. Drink hot chocolate and watch the Disney Parade together. It might be the best gift you give them.

Sorry for the preachyness but I know all you gamers out there will open those gifts and head straight to your room without a word. Think about chilling with your family for the day. It might be better than you think.

Merry Christmas gamers!!

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