14 Dec

As many of you gamers know, the 2009 Video Game Awards were held this past weekend. Although Modern Warfare 2 fell short of the Game of the Year award it was able to snag the Best Shooter and Best Multiplayer Awards.

Uncharted 2

As I have seen on many of the forums MW2 players are a little upset that the game was shut out of best game by PS3’s Uncharted 2. Many of those angry gamers are 360 owners who, like myself, have not played the game due to its exclusivity to PS3. What I have seen and heard about Uncharted 2 is nothing but great things and I personally believe it must be an awesome game.

Back to what I do know, MW2 definatly deserved the best shooter and multiplayer. Up against Halo 3: ODST and Left for Dead 2 in both categories there was no doubt that MW2 took home the awards.

A few side notes…

Happy to see Halo 3: ODST get Best Original Score as the music really was memorizing throughout the gameplay.

Also delighted to see Beatles Rockband take home the Best Music Game Award. With all the classic songs and animation it defiantly beats out the Guitar Hero franchise.

What were your thoughts gamers?

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