First Impression

12 Nov

Modern Warfare 2 is here gamers and is estimated to have sold 4.7 million copies with in the first 24 hours. All the pre-release issues floated out of our minds as the hour inched towards midnight. Did Infinity Ward deliver?

Although I have not finished the single player story line as of yet, I believe they did. Sometimes the first impression is what matters most. If a story doesn’t jump at me within the first or second chapter or level, chances are I won’t be interested in the rest. When this story line opened and gave a flashback of the previous game I knew that I was dealing with greatness. New characters, new guns, and new feel. Now I haven’t gotten to the multiplayer yet but rest assured you will hear from me when I do.

The story line does contain some material that many might find disturbing and/or offensive. This was announced and videos were leaked before the actual release. Infinity Ward does the right thing here by warning players before starting the campaign that there will be disturbing material. They also give you the option to skip specific scenes.

(SPOILER) It was brave of Infinity Ward to put in a scene where the player is instructed to kill innocent civilians in an airport. Many might think it’s just another chapter to play through, but was it put in for a reason? I found myself hesitating to pull the trigger. Is that why it was included? Did Infinity Ward want gamers to think about what they were playing? Did they want people to feel just a little sick to their stomach as they watched innocent people get slaughtered? Everyone has a different take on the scene but I know that’s how I felt.

Modern Warfare 2 is an amazing game with an amazing story line. To those out there who are only concerned with multiplayer and XP I encourage you to make time for single player. It is well worth your time.  

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