Living in the Past

06 Oct

I found this hard to believe but here it is.

“Infinity Ward told the Official PlayStation Mag in the UK that Activision didn’t want Infinity Ward to make a modern day combat game and instead wanted the US based developer to create another World War II title.”

Ok I will be the first to tell you that Call of Duty World at War was and still is a great game. But how could anyone turn down the idea of making a modern day war game. New weapons and new technology is what people want. Better ways to kill your enemy. Gamers want NEW and SHINEY things to play with. To me it’s a no brainer.

When World at War was released there were the hardcore Call of Duty fans that ran out and bought it. Then there were the furious gamers that could not believe they went backwards to WWII AGAIN. After the great success of COD4 why would they even think about going back? The smooth automatic weapons are replaced by bolt action rifles and wildly inaccurate MP40s.

Apparently the answer is that Activision was not interested. They were content living in WWII even though gamers were getting tired of it. They ignored the pleas from the fans to continue with Modern Warfare and left it to Infinity Ward to deal with. Good job Activision at making good WWII games but they are old hat. It’s time to put down the Thompson and pick up an AK-47.

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