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Beatles Rockband

Now I’m not one of those people that goes out an buys every new Rockband or Guitar Hero game. I can’t play Through the Fire and the Flames on Expert let alone hard difficulty. If a game has songs I like I might get it. In the case Of Beatles Rockband I HAD TO HAVE IT.

Calling all Beatles fans who own a gaming console! You must buy this game. What could be better than rocking out to your favorite Beatles songs. Sure I would love to learn how to play these songs on a real guitar but I’m pretty sure this is as close as I will get.

You can buy this awesome game by itself if you already have the instrument controllers. Or there have been replica controllers made (game sold separately for some).

“Instruments patterned after the trademark Beatles gear: John Lennon’s Rickenbacker 325 guitar, George Harrison’s Gretsch Duo Jet guitar, Paul McCartney’s Höfner violin bass and Ringo Starr’s Ludwig drums. Plus support for up to three mics.”

Not only are the instruments fantastic but the gameplay rocks too. Abbey Road and Shea Stadium are just two. It even has the screaming women trying to jump the barricades and being stopped by the cops. What could be more authentic than that.

If you like the Beatles get this game. If you are just into to music games it might not be the game for you. This game is geared towards the fans, so I’m not interested in hearing complaints from non fans.

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Lets get it started

I tend to use sarcasm and dry humor. I take compliments, complaints, and virtual cookies. I like good movies, xbox 360, and the Bruins. Expect to hear about all of those things. Soooo let the games begin. I’m sure my other entries will be better than this but this is just to get goinggggg.

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