Rules is Rules

30 Sep

One of my favorite things to do if I am really bored is to read the Xbox Live forums. Specifically the one dedicated to the idiots who get themselves suspended or banned from the service. They should consider renaming it “Xbox Live’s Hall of Morons: Examples of what not to do.” Gamers can post here in order to get a specific reason as to why they were suspended or banned. These people make me fear for the future of the human race.


When you signed up for the online gaming service you were given the terms of use and code of conduct. It spells out what NOT TO DO. Although most of it is common sense (which obviously many do not have) I suggest reading it. It will defiantly help you stay away from suspensions. Just a thought.

Now bans are a different story. There is no coming back from them. You really have to screw up to get your account banned, or worse have your console banned. You have to do something way above the usual profanity. Tampering with your system or trying to steal or sell people’s information will earn you a ban. If you think no one will find you, think again. Microsoft is cracking down on their policies and taking down the scammers. They are out there. Guard your personal information and give it to NO ONE. Microsoft will never ask for it so NEVER GIVE IT OUT.

Come on gamers I know many of you are pretty smart. Follow the code of conduct and stay out of the forum of shame.

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